Games Literacy

Rom hacks and play communities

This is Super Mario Bros. Spend a minute or so watching it as a group, even if you think you know the game pretty well.

As you scroll down you'll be presented with a series of Super Mario Bros. rom hacks. Watch each video for a minute or so and discuss, as a group:

  1. What need is this modification addressing?
  2. How does it reflect the affordances and limitations of the original game?

Read these instructions aloud, then scroll down to find the first mod.

Super Mario Bros.: Peach Edition

By kishi.

VS. Airman

For comparison, on the right is the Airman stage of Capcom's Mega Man II. By ATA.

Super Mario Bros.: Time and Place

By Leon Arnott.

Super Mario Movie

By Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel.

Sit tight, we'll discuss our findings as a class.